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6 Types of People You Normally Find at Your Workplace

Posted by | September 11, 2015 | Employers, Lifestyle, Workplace

Firstly it’s important to understand that what a workplace means?

“Workplace” is that one place where a professional spends most of his/her time and comes across a wide variety of personalities. You will love some and hate some, but these traits will help you understand different types of personalities and also how to tackle with them.

We have classified 5 most common workplace personalities from our own experience and we are sure that you will find some of these at your workplace too.

1. The A** Licker:
This type of personality trait has to be first on the list, as they are quite common in most of the work places. Running behind the bosses/managers and saying “yes” to all the allotted work is their speciality. They even like to work extra for every minute they waste, even if its the time spent in peeing. Diplomacy runs in their blood and they want to be in everyone’s good books, or atleast they try to.

How to spot them? They are like compliment machines, and sweet talk is their favorite tool. They don’t like to get into mess by bad mouthing anyone and possess similar traits like the the front- benchers (nerds) in high-school.

2. The “I Know Everything” Guy/Girl:
I am sure that you have worked with someone having this personality trait of wanting an applause for the work they do. They fly too high in their own sky. Showing off their knowledge is their favorite pastime. Generally, they are not geeks, but they want to be tagged that way.

How to spot them? They will only do “work” related talk and comment if asked. They are good to hangout with to gain any extra knowledge, but otherwise their ego is way too big to handle.

3. The “Anti-Social”
Invite them for friday drinks, wednesday drinks, Thursday Lunch or sunday coffee, their answer is always going to be NO, They just don’t like to mingle with their colleagues and sometimes they come up with absurd reasons to skip the social gatherings. The introverts cannot be blamed while the rest just like to keep it professional in their own way i.e no socializing with colleagues.

How to spot them? Most of them are shy or introvert. Some of them will get up from their chair at dot 5.30 pm and say bye before you invite them for a drink.

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